vidrogroups new mobile friendly secondary glazing website

check out vidrogroups new mobile website explaining Secondary glazing is fairly simple to set up with minimum disruption to your home,vidrogroups secondary glazing is intended to continue to preserve the warmth and the noise out, you might also save around 10 percent on your family expenses. The secondary glazing is attached to the inner to […]

How to use Mobile Cloud Computing in different applications:

Increasing online presence has become essential for existential validity. And with the increasing number of people getting tech-savvy we do realize the importance of ‘space’ in our gadgets – laptops, computers, smartphones and the list just goes on. And since the introduction of the concept of ‘cloud,’ our lives have become a lot easier! Where […]

Android app

Best Android apps to download in 2019

Nova launcher One of the best Android launchers available in the play store, Nova launcher provides you with a ton of features on app icon customization, navigation, notification, folder and much more. It is very responsive and easy to use. Google assistant Google assistant is Google’s AI or artificial intelligence that responds to voice commands. […]

Twin Technology

What is Digital Twin Technology?

The concept of digital has been rumoring around since the year 2002, however thanks to IoT or Internet of Things, the digital twin technology could be implemented and become inexpensive as well, providing tremendous benefits. In simpler terms, digital twin technology involves pairing the physical asset, product or service with a corresponding virtual model of […]