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Here are the services that we provide to our clients.

Cloud Applications

We have a separate team working on the cloud platform applications and is constantly innovating to give the best.

Application Transformation

We provide application transformation services across various platforms.

App Integration

Our integration team is one of the best and is dedicated to providing unparalleled quality of services.

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How to use Mobile Cloud Computing in different applications:

Increasing online presence has become essential for existential validity. And with the increasing number of people getting tech-savvy we do realize the importance of ‘space’ in our gadgets – laptops, computers, smartphones and the list just goes on. And since the introduction of the concept of ‘cloud,’ our lives have become a lot easier! Where else can the mobile cloud computing be put to use? Let’s have a look:

  • Gaming:
    Mobile cloud computing gives you a seamless gaming experience right in your smartphones. Gaming software occupy a lot of space on the smartphone – this extra usage and pressure on the phone’s space and software may hamper your phone’s productivity and efficiency – however, this issue is resolved entirely when cloud computing comes in picture – the cloud can easily handle the requirements of the gaming engine – keeping the functioning of your phone intact.

  • E-commerce:
    Mobile cloud computing runs software e-commerce, e-banking, and other e-platforms efficiently. These cloud computing software provide the required powerful processors to keep the mobile banking software running smoothly. Multiple applications running simultaneously is unavoidable for the purpose of e-commerce- and mobile banking ensures that despite the excessive use of smartphone applications, the phone remains fully functional due to the presence of cloud technology.

  • Phone storage:
    Gone are the days when phone storage was the only place where files, videos, photos and other multimedia in the phone was stored. It used to not only create space issues but also slow down the phone. However, with the introduction of cloud technology for storage, times have changed and so has the user experience. You can easily store tonnes of files and folders in the cloud, without hampering the functioning of your phone.
  • Communication:
    Mobile cloud computing has worked wonders from the communication point of view too– emails, messages, contacts and other essential aspects of communication are now loaded on the cloud to ensure that smartphones are not bulked with unnecessary information that works up the processor of the phone and slows it down. Especially with the number of emails that spam our mailboxes, cloud technology has become essential to store them.

Apart from these, mobile cloud computing has given an immense boost to the efficiency of smartphone technology. The plethora of features which the cloud technology encompasses is indeed vast – and super beneficial for the smooth functioning of phones.

Best Android apps to download in 2019

Android app

Nova launcher

One of the best Android launchers available in the play store, Nova launcher provides you with a ton of features on app icon customization, navigation, notification, folder and much more. It is very responsive and easy to use.

Google assistant

Google assistant is Google’s AI or artificial intelligence that responds to voice commands. The app lets the user complete many tasks such as making plans, making calls, asking questions, downloading, searching and much more, all triggered through voice control.


For those who regularly type, downloading Swiftkey keyboard will be beneficial as the app contains auto-correct, gesture input, and automated prediction to enable better and smoother typing experience. Moreover, it includes various GIFs, emojis of all the latest trends making it entertaining as well. Swiftkey does not store any unwanted passwords and private information making safety a top priority.

Google Duo

Google Duo is undoubtedly one of the best video calling apps available on Android. It is highly favored due it’s easy to use interface, secure login feature and innovative features such as leaving video messages if the intended person is not available for video calling.


Evernote basically works as a smart and useful notepad enabling you to take notes in various formats such as audio, video, text, photo, sketch and more. Due to its easy to use interface along with its catchy and innovative background makes the app a favorite.

WPS office

WPS office is one of the best, if not the best Android office apps to have on your phone. WPS Office is fully compatible with all of Microsoft’s office, Google docs, memo, PDF and more. Moreover, the app is benefitted with data encryption, PDF reader, editor and converter and more. Such handy capabilities in one app make it a must-have Android app.

Google news

Google news is a more personalized app that provides you with relevant and exciting news suited to your needs based on your search results and other techniques backed by Google’s AI.

ES file explorer

ES file explorer is one of the best Android file manager apps as it contains numerous beneficial features in one. For example, it comes predetermined with an app manager enabling you to uninstall unnecessary apps and backup relevant apps. Besides, it comes with a space analyzer which is beneficial when installing new apps since it reveals available space.

Google Drive

Google Drive offers its user unrestricted access to free storage of up to 15 GB across Google Drive, Gmail, and Google Photos. It enables its users to store all essential files and data over a Cloud platform.


Regarded as one of the best instant messaging apps available on Android platform, WhatsApp offers features such as sharing audio clips, videos, photos, locations, attachments and much more over a secured and encrypted platform.

What is Digital Twin Technology?

Twin Technology

The concept of digital has been rumoring around since the year 2002, however thanks to IoT or Internet of Things, the digital twin technology could be implemented and become inexpensive as well, providing tremendous benefits.

In simpler terms, digital twin technology involves pairing the physical asset, product or service with a corresponding virtual model of it. Establishing pairing between physical dimensions and virtual dimensions enable the system to monitor and evaluate data effectively allowing it to identify and flaws and issue before the problem arises, avoiding downtime and moreover formulating new opportunities benefitting the future. Due to its increased and never-ending capabilities, digital twin technology is finding its importance in the business sector as it is capable of evaluating the entire lifecycle of an asset, establishing a precise connection of products and what not.

How does a digital twin work?

Many view the digital twin technology as sort of establishing a pathway between the physical world and the virtual world. To go in detail how this technology function involves initially attaching the necessary equipment like smart sensors to the tangible asset to collect real-time data and statistics. Such vital smart components are then connected to a system via Cloud which monitors, evaluates and establishes a comparison between the input data received and other predetermined data. Upon doing so, crucial information is gained which helps business identify imperative flaws, weak points and what they can do to transform such weak points.

Why is digital twin technology important?

Digital twin technology is fundamental in all aspects and sectors of today’s economy. Through its formidable data analysis and statistics interpretation capabilities, digital twin technology will lead to performance and innovation. Prospective studies of integration of digital twin technology in business reveal that a minimum of 30 percent increase in cycle processes and predictions.

Companies can be largely benefited by such innovative technology. For example, through its accurate prediction and real-time information gathering along with its comparison of gathered data with certain standards enable the company to provide a much better customer experience by apprehending their needs and interests. Moreover, many companies have already adopted such technology claiming they have a digital twin for each physical asset they possess. This not only enriches their digital twin as it always gathering and collecting data, but makes accurate predictions and prevents any issues. In simple terms, the integration of such innovative technology will only enhance the productivity of the company.



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